28 Aug 2010 Joni Sensel’s Reality Leak

I love quirky novels.  I’ve read everything Polly Horvath has written, and Ingrid Law’s Newbery Honor Book,  Savvy, is a treasure.  With Reality Leak, not only has Joni Sensel taken her place with the queens of quirk, but she makes it seem so plausible.  I bought every word.

Imagine seeing things you can’t possibly believe.  Imagine that someone else confirms the unbelievable.  The two of you form a team to investigate the impossible.  That’s the bare bones of this charming adventure.

I predict middle-grade boys will be passing Reality Leak around like they did a certain diary of a certain kid that made the rounds in my fourth-grade classroom (and the classroom next door).  All it takes is for a teacher to talk it up to the first boy.  The lucky readers will do the rest.

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    Nice website, Sharon!

    Thanks for recommending this. I’ve read two of Joni Sensel’s books and thoroughly enjoyed both of them, but I haven’t seen this one. I’ll be at the OKSCBWI conference, and I’m really looking forward to Joni’s intensive on fantasy.

  2. 2

    Aw, thanks, Sharon — glad you liked it! (and see you soon)

  3. Sharon, I love your new website!
    And since you have excellent taste in books, I will make this my go-to place before I head to the book stores.


  4. 4

    No pressure or anything, eh, Gwen?