Gentle Books for Gentle and Not-So-Gentle Kids

My favorite books run the gamut from gentle (Wind in the Willows, The Borrowers) to brutal (House of the Scorpion, Unwind). One type comforts; the other makes me think. If it’s comfort you or your beginning reader craves, might I suggest the Bed and Biscuit series by Joan Carris? I’m eagerly awaiting the third book now. Yep, even bought it in hardback.

Welcome to the Bed and Biscuit takes place in a vet’s office. The narrator is an intelligent mini-pig aptly named Ernest. His best friends are a¬†Vietnamese mynah who likes to answer the veterinary office phone and a cat who looks after the widowed doctor.

The human characters are comfortable, too, but this book’s biggest draw is the author’s genuine affection for animals.¬† Animal lovers will feel right at home at the Bed and Biscuit.