A Riddle a Day, Day 3

Animals are great riddle subjects, but what are some of the everyday objects around the house that would make good subjects?

Here is one of my riddles about something I use every day.

A faithful servant, tall and thin,

to students and pharaohs and laboring men.

Great stories, love letters, and truth get their start

as words on paper from my black heart.

What am I?

What is something you use every day? Your phone? A water glass or coffee cup? A hand towel? What can’t these be the subjects of riddles?

Do you need to research these everyday objects? It doesn’t hurt. You never know what you might learn about something you thought you knew all about. Once again, even though my riddle rhymes, yours doesn’t have to.

A Riddle a Day, Day 1

Here’s a rhymed riddle and a challenge for newly-minted homeschool teachers.

I’m black as a crayon. I love corn.

My cry is as loud as a rusty horn.

But like a parrot, I can learn to speak.

I’m a smart, dark bird with a yellow beak.

What am I?

Now, help kids do their own research on any topic. It doesn’t have to be about an animal. Have them write their own riddle, based on their research. It can be rhymed or unrhymed, formal or informal. What matters is that the information is correct. They should try to sneak in odd facts and little-known tidbits.

I hope you’ll share their riddles.