96 Years Ago in Tulsa

If you want to know more about the pogrom* that took place May 31 & June 1, 1921 in Tulsa, these four books would be a place to start:

Rilla Askew, Fire in Beulah
Buck Colbert Franklin, My Life and an Era
Jennifer Latham, Dreamland Burning
Anna Myers, Tulsa Burning

Three of these are fiction. As a reading teacher, I’ve seen evidence that historical fiction gives readers a way to connect with events that a simple recounting might not. But there are several excellent nonfiction books on the subject, as well.

*Pogrom is a Russian word meaning “to wreak havoc, to demolish violently.” Historically, the term refers to violent attacks by local non-Jewish populations on Jews in the Russian Empire and in other countries.”  –United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Buck Colbert Franklin suggested that pogrom was more appropriate than riot to describe the destruction of the Greenwood District in Tulsa in 1921.–smithsonianmag.com

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