Junie B. Meets Pet Club

Thanks to First Book, my students received a copy of  Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy.  We read the book aloud before they took it home.  Junie B. is disappointed that she can’t bring her dog, Tickles, to the class pet fair.  Sure, she can bring a photo, but her friends are bringing real animals–birds, frogs, things in cages.  Julie B. needs a quick, small pet.

As we read, we composed a list of names for a pet earthworm. Worm Washington topped the list.  No, this does not give way the ending.

Every kid had a pet story to share.  As I listened, I thought of Gwendolyn Hooks’ easy reader series, Pet Club.

Next week they’ll read The Pet Club stories on their own or with a partner.


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