Reading Local

I bought two baby gifts this week. For any baby shower, I give books, local books, books written by friends. This time the new mothers, both former students of mine, received copies of Your Alien by Tammi Sauer and Extraordinary Jane by Hannah E. Harrison.

Your Alien is a sweet story, told in second person, about friendship and family.  This is one of my favorites from picture book superstar Tammi Sauer.

The sequel, Your Alien Returns, appeared in 2016. It’s as good as the first alien visitation.

Extraordinary Jane is, well, extraordinary. Harrison is not only a writer who can tell a complete and beautiful story in less than a hundred words, but her illustrations are lovely.

The board book isn’t as stunning as the original hardcover, but babies need books they can carry around…and chew on, if they wish. This story is one children will want to hear again and again, one they need to hear.

I often read aloud to my current students. Like the baby gifts, many of the books they hear are written by people I know.

You sure know a lot of writers, one of my kiddos said.

Well, yes, if you belong to SCBWI, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, you do know a lot of writers. In Oklahoma, make that a lot of successful writers.  And illustrators.

Check out the work of Sauer and Harrison for yourself. And stay tuned. I plan to introduce you to more of my friends.

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